Keep your home clean and safe! Septic tank maintenance is a public health necessity. Poorly maintained septic systems can cause water heavy in metals, bleach, and other deposits to make its way into the ground, where groundwater contamination puts everyone at risk.

At Little Stinkers, our expert team is experienced in all different types of septic maintenance.
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It’s pretty simple: pump regularly, save big!

Septic tanks can last many years if properly maintained, but research indicates that failing to pump your septic tank every three years (depending on household size) can seriously hinder the durability of your tank. Pumping removes solids from your tank, which build up over time and prevent your system from properly digesting new waste.

Little Stinkers is the best option for septic pumping in the surrounding counties; Gallatin, Park, Madison, Broadwater and Meagher. (View our service area map here). We’re the best because we do a great job agitating, pumping, and disposing of waste — all for the same price, with no hidden fees. Our trucks come ready to work with up to 150 feet of hose, and our technicians are trained and knowledgeable.

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Tank Location

Always call before you dig! Our high-tech approach has you covered.

It isn’t surprising that septic tanks often end up hidden by landscaping, but it makes things harder when you need to know where not to dig. Instead of destroying your yard in the process of finding your tank, our technicians come prepared with the latest septic tank location technology to keep you from hitting your lines on accident.

Our Tools

  • Probe: The most common way to locate a septic tank, our probe can reach up to 18 inches. After we locate your septic tank, we’ll dig it up manually.
  • Flushable: We love this device. If there’s no plat map to be found, we’ll flush this tiny GPS down your toilet. Then we can use a handheld-tablet combo to locate the device as it goes through your system — and your tank.
  • Mini Excavator: This guy enables us to get to tanks that are buried too deep to be dug by hand.
  • Heated Ground Mat: During the winter months, we can get through frozen ground up to 24” deep just by adding a little heat to the surface.

Save your future self a little time.

  • Search for your address on this septic map to see if someone else has already done the dirty work for you.
  • Have our Little Stinkers technicians make your septic tank more accessible by installing a new lid or riser.
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Camera Inspections

Buying or selling a home? Ensure you’re making a good investment before you take the plunge…

…by allowing our Little Stinkers technicians to take the plunge for you. We’ll use a special camera to check your future septic tank for cracks and deterioration that could be a huge hassle later on. Then, we’ll clear things up for you with a detailed, two-page report.

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Drain Clearing

You should always keep the health of your septic system in mind.

It’s easy to forget that your septic system is fragile, but we promise, you’ll regret the damage later if you’re not careful. Our technicians are well-versed in using drain-clearing techniques that will preserve the health and longevity of your system, while keeping things moving.

Depending on your problem and system, we’ll use one of the following approaches:

  • Snaking:

    This traditional process is effective in removing one obstruction at a time, but doesn’t necessarily prevent further problems.

  • Hydroscrubbing:

    It’s a more extensive process, but hydroscrubbing actually washes away waste that gets caught on the inside of the pipes, which causes clogs and sometimes frozen lines. It actually works to prevent further problems.

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Have our trained and knowledgeable technicians make your septic tank more accessible by installing a new lid or riser. They come in either plastic or concrete.

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Instead of ordering online, order with us! We’re the only local distributor of this sustainable treatment for drains, tanks, and pipes.

What makes it different:

BIO-CLEAN is a powerful and sustainable product that uses a blend of natural, non-GMO bacteria and enzymes to break down bacteria that accumulates in septic tanks, pipes, and drains. A non-poisonous substance that does not attack live tissue or inorganic materials, it’s one of the safest, most benign treatments available, and the environmental impact of using BIO-CLEAN is minimal.

In fact, the BIO-CLEAN process results in water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash, which can run harmlessly through your waste system and continue on as food for plant life!

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